About me


I’m very interested in level design, narrative design and environmental storytelling as well as the general game design process.

I like working in a team, taking the original idea of a game through the design process while trying to solve the issues that come up along the way, as well as finding ways to enrich the experience of the players during their game journey.

I aspire to create awe-inspiring and surprising moments for the player.

I have been working in the video game industry on various games for about 7 years, handling QA, localization, customer service and forum management.

Two years ago I however decided to take the full step toward a career *creating games*, something which had up until then only been a pipe dream.


* I have recently graduated from FutureGames (studying game design) so I am now looking for employment and references from my internship are available upon request.

Feel free to click on the images to the right in order to view and read about some of the personal and group projects I’ve been a part of.